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Botanical Garden Arboretum Oudenbosch

This former monastery garden, located in the historic heart of Oudenbosch, has grown into a green gem over the last thirty years. You can find this wonderful botanical garden - about 2500 hectares full of interesting trees and plants - directly opposite the HH Agatha et Barbara Basilica, which is a copy of St. Peter's in Rome. Here, the rich Roman life meets the world of the arboriculturist, specialising in avenue trees. "Une jolie promenade dans ce magnifique jardin. Merci,” said one enthusiastic French visitor.
Come and experience this green gem for yourself, and discover why its five star rating from the Dutch Dendrology Association is more than deserved...

"What a peaceful oasis!"
The tree garden is home to the largest collection of Aesculus (Horse Chestnut) in the Benelux. Landscape architect Anton van Rooijen designed the garden according to geographical origin. Stroll from the plants and trees of Asia to those of Europe, then return past the trees of the American continent to one of the crown jewels: a majestic weeping beech with branches all the way to the ground. The fathers' and brothers' garden, the cave and the statues of the saints are a clear reminder of the fact that this used to be a monastery garden. The Oudenbosch Arboretum is entirely run by passionate volunteers. And that only enhances your experience as a visitor: "Many 'brother trees' have been preserved. An impressive collection of Aesculus, and a wonderful guide."

Rijksmonument (National Heritage Site)
The entrance building is a Rijksmonument (National Heritage Site) from 1890, built by Nico Molenaar, student of the famous architect Cuijpers (who built the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, among other important buildings) It is ITS certified, and almost completely wheelchair accessible (with the exception of the exhibition space on the top floor of the entrance building). It is part of Parelpad: a tour of the religious heritage of the historic centre of Oudenbosch. So it's perfect for nature lovers who also have an interest in cultural and religious history.
Planning a visit is always possible, even outside of regular opening hours, and you can choose to be accompanied by a guide or not. Contact them by email and let them know what you would like.

Click here if you want a virtual experience tour in our botanic garden.